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The track runs on the periphery of the camp offering excellent variety of regularly encountered terrain, as well as more challenging environments such as deep water and ruts. Set on light sandy soil with pockets of rock and scree the diverse offroad course provides all the relevant challenges such as ascent and descent control, deep water negotiation, traction optimisation, cross axel issues and skid avoidance.


  • Use our 4x4 course all day 0900hrs to 1700hrs. (We'll tow you out the first time for free too but please make sure you've got a tow hook!)

Get more out of your 4X4

  • Recreational and leisure driving courses
  • Whether you regularly use your 4 x 4 off road, whether you've never ventured far from the tarmac, or whether you are still thinking about getting a 4 x 4, a day on off road course will expand your knowledge and give you greater driving pleasure on and off road.
  • Learn what 4 x 4s are capable of in a safe and spacious environment
  • Learn what manoeuvres and conditions should be avoided
  • Test your newly acquired skills in your own time
  • Discover the varied course to the full
  • Learn lots of practical tips
  • Explore vehicle maintenance and safety checks
  • Enjoy yourself

Get 4X4 lessons

  • e also offer 4x4 experiences which are suitable for anyone who wants to have some fun splashing around the off road course. The experiences are not with a qualified instructor and are therefore probably not sufficiently challenging for those with off road driving experience.

Off Road Course covers

  • Key 4 x 4 features and essential maintenance
  • Ensuring your own safety and the safety of others
  • Assessing slopes and other offroad hazards
  • Driving safely and getting the best from your vehicle when faced with different offroad conditions
  • Half day 4 X 4 offroad training course. Max 3 per instructor. Own vehicle.
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