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Probably one of the most adventurous paintball arena in the region,thefield is set in a natural undulating terrain with a lot of natural cover and to add to the tactical advantages we have created some artificial covers such as bunkers and drums. The game imitates the war in the military and is a great activity for team workshops as it includes formulating strategies, communication, teamwork, achieving deadlines and goals.

If you are group of friends or families, come over the weekend with atleast ten members and we will get you going with this high adrenaline sport.

Equipment provided by us:

  • Paintball markers
  • Paintballs
  • Face Masks
  • Chest guards
  • Fatigues (camoflouge dangri’s)

How to come prepared for the game?

  • Wear comfortable lowers and fullsleeves uppers.
  • Scarf to protect your neck
  • Baseball caps/scarfs to protect hair from the paint.
  • An old rag to wash away the paint from the clothes.
  • Ankle trekking shoes  for better protection of your feet and ankles.

The firing range.

  • We have a 50 feet firing range to test your markers for accuracy and velocity.
  • Make sure you have chronoed your marker before you set foot on the field.
  • Also, practising your aim is a good idea so you get the hang of the marker.
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