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With various rock faces at our camp we see a great opportunity for rock sports enthusiast, as these mined crags are mean and overwhelming at the same time. To start with, we have identified some areas for rock climbing and rappelling, however if you feel that you have the will to explore some unchartered territories then do explore and if you successfully find and climb a route then we won’t mindnaming the route after you.

  • Rock Climbing: Most of our natural rock facesare 90 degree straight, with pinch holds or some small grips with some of them going as high as 100 feet. So whether you are a seasoned climber or a novice, we guarantee you enough challenge.
  • Rappelling: Our favourite face is the 100 feet cliff that definaltey will give you the shivers while going down. We also have identified some small faces that we suggest for the first timers.

Safety: For all the above three activities we use branded equipment such as safety harnesses, dynamic and static ropes, helmets and hardware. Our instructors are certified in rock climbing and mountaineering from the premier institutes in the country such as Himalayan Mountaineering Institute and Nehru Institute of Mountaineering.